JMR Landscaping & John Mariani - LandServe, LLC

January 1, 2018

JMR Landscaping & John Mariani-LandServe, LLC Announce Collaborative Business Arrangement                                         


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – Monday January 1st, 2018

JMR Landscaping of Libertyville is pleased to announce a unique service arrangement with John Mariani; award-winning Landscape Architect and founder of LandServe, LLC - “Landscapes for Life”, Landscape Architecture & Consulting firm.

We are focused on implementing LandServe’s visionary concept; provide fine landscapes that serve the client’s requirements for function and aesthetics, in all manner of landscape style, from natural to formal, while simultaneously integrating locally-sourced materials and native ornamental plants.  We believe this will result in exceptional landscapes that are both complementary of place and beneficial to the environment.

Together, our companies deliver a lifetime of experience in design, construction, restoration and management of everything from classical gardens to native environments on private, residential, commercial, and public lands throughout the Midwest and beyond.  We perform as designer/consultant, representing our clients in coordinating the essential resources necessary for responsible landscape development and management.


About JMR Landscaping

 JMR Landscaping LLC is an experienced, full-service landscaping firm providing design, build, and maintenance services while coordinating subcontractor projects throughout the North Shore. We pride ourselves on our sincerity, professionalism, and commitment to our customers, and greatly value every job we are a part of.


About LandServe LLC

We work with the land to provide landscapes that are respectful of place and vernacular. Both history and ecology are "served" utilizing local materials and native plants of a given area.  Our client is rewarded with a landscape that performs extraordinarily well; is organized and sophisticated in appearance; requires less maintenance; is alive with songbirds, butterflies, pollinator species and other wildlife; and is longer-lived for a truly sustainable, living landscape.